Compete in June’s Go4’s for a chance at amazing prizes

In which game will you make your mark?

ESL and Slingshot Cartel partner up for the first ever Go4 Series, with $3,000 in prizes on offer!

Test yourself in the Go4 tournaments for the new, futuristic third-person shooter.

VR’s First FPS Event is Here - The Onward Invitational Begins This Weekend, June 16-17th

The VR League’s first offline event of the season has arrived! The Onward Invitational takes place this weekend, June 16th to 17th live from the ESL studio in Leicester, UK, presented by Oculus, Intel, Stack Up and ESL.

Intel to sponsor five Go4 Series with $50,000

Another year of Intel Go4 sponsorship is coming your way.

The cathedral of Counter-Strike awaits - are you ready for ESL One Cologne?

16 top teams from around the world, 15,000 roaring fans, the very best of esports in the Cathedral of Counter-Strike - get ready for ESL One Cologne 2018.

AT&T becomes the official telecommunications and mobile gaming partner of ESL North America

AT&T will provide charging stations, Wi-Fi, and incorporate the latest 5G technology to ESL events in North America.

Core-A Gaming Talks Content Creation

At Saigon Cup 2018, I was able to talk fighting games with the one and only Core-A Gaming. His insight and vast bank of knowledge on all fighting games really allowed me to piece together some concepts and interesting ideas and theories. Not only was did he explain the ins and outs of the meta that was being played out on screen in front of me,  he was also willing to help me translate Jeondding’s interview. A talented and passionate member of the FGC, it was a pleasure to have interviewed him.

How To Learn A Tekken Character

When learning a new character in Tekken you will most likely be faced with a plethora of different obstacles and reasons why you shouldn't. This handy guide will alleviate some of that unnecessary pressure and help you learn a character in the right way. We have also thought of players who simply want to have and included in this guide is the stopping point as well as the extra steps that are required to take a character to the next level.

ESL Pro League Season 7 by the numbers

We look back at Season 7.

UYU | Jeondding Talks Tekken at Saigon Cup 2018

During Saigon Cup 2018 I was able to spend some time with FGC stars such as JeonDDing, NL and Core-A Gaming. I got some really functional insight into how they approach games. Being able to simply talk to these three about different games and concepts within the FGC has changed my current understanding of fighting games. Being a Tekken 7 competitor I am always searching for ways to reach that next level, I am extremely grateful for the time these three have given me as well as the insight that was provided. Here are some of the questions I asked JeonDDing leading up to Saigon Cup 2018. I would like to extend some sincere gratitude towards Core-A Gaming for translating JeonDDings answers into English. Without him, I would not have been able to write this.