1,000€ Halo Major League Final Stage

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Brian Krämer
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The ESL Halo Major League, powered by Scuf Gaming, is almost done. The last two Qualifiers for the 1,000€ competition will happen this week. Afterwards, it is time for the final stage of the tournament. The match dates for the group stage will be the following:

Group Stage Rankings
Match 1: 29/03/15 19:00 CET
Match 1: 29/03/15 20:30 CET
Match 1: 29/03/15 22:00 CET
*In case of a tied ranking between two teams, a Team Slayer match on Shrine will determine the winner*

The top 2 teams of each group will then continue into the last stage of the 1,000€ Major League by Scuf Gaming. In a single-elimination bracket, consisting of the four remaining teams, the players will battle it out for the winner.

Grand Finals Bracket
Semi-finals: 05/04/15 19:00 CET
Grand finals: 05/04/15 20:30CET

Good luck to all remaining teams.