After the second week of play, Elevate is still undefeated in the World of Tanks Gold League North America

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We had some great games in this second week of the World of Tanks Gold League North America! Find out who won and who lost as teams try and gain early points in the standings.


Dare Rising came into this match 2-0 looking to extend their perfect record against a struggling rookie team this season. F7 had defeated Aquatic M60s though in a surprise match the first match week.

On Cliff and Himmelsdorf, the teams were unable to break each other’s defenses to start the day with a 2-2 scoreline. At the rate they were going, the match was poised to go to overtime. Something must have clicked for Dare, as they dominated the rest of the battles to finish the match 5-2. Dare moved to 3-0 so far in the season, and were proving to be a serious threat to other teams.


O7 Gaming has been struggling this season, and a match against Elevate wasn’t ideal to get their momentum moving. Elevate has won the last two seasons in the WGLNA, and doesn’t look to be slowing down yet.

This match was a show of utter domination by Elevate as they cruised to a 5-0 victory. Incredibly, they only lost 9 tanks over the course of these 5 wins. Elevate moved to 3-0 while the struggling o7 is still stuck at 0-3 looking for a win against Top Tier on Thursday.


Both TT6 and F7 are rookie teams coming into this season, with both teams at 1-2 so far. This match could mean key positioning later down the line when playoff seeding comes into account.

On Mines, neither team were able to break through the oppositions defense and it was starting to look like this would be the trend for most of the night. However TT6 had different ideas as they rolled over F7 on Himmels and Sand River to finish with a 5-1 win in what was predicted to be a very close match, with F7 favored to win.


These teams were both bottom of the leaderboard before this match. Top Tier was 1-2 with their only win against Aquatic M60s, and o7 was completely winless on the season so far and were desperate for a win.

Top Tier rolled to a 4-0 lead on the this match with o7 seemingly unable to stop them. O7 was able to mount a comeback on Mines where they shut out Top Tier from getting their last win. O7’s comeback ended as quickly as it started, as Top Tier got their last win on Ghost Town to defeat o7 5-2.

O7 is desperately in of a win as they are now 0-4. They have a chance for a win this Tuesday with a match against Aquatic M60s and then F7 on Thursday.


On Tuesday, Top Tier got their first win of the season against Teal Team 6, and eClipse 5-0ed Aquatic M60s.

On Thursday, Elevate continued to roll undefeated with a 5-1 win over Aquatic M60s and eClipse had a key 5-2 win against their close competitors last season, Dare Rising.


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