Announcing ESL King of the Hill for Hearthstone and Overwatch!

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Judy Heflin
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ESL King of the Hill is a new tournament series that will kick off in North America starting with competitions in both Hearthstone and Overwatch! Each week, the winner of an open qualifier will go up against an invited player or team to fight for a chance to usurp the King of the Hill and win cash prizes. But before that happens, a reigning champion must be determined for each game.

Four well-known Hearthstone players and Overwatch teams will battle to become the first victors during the inaugural broadcast on the ESL Twitch channel on Tuesday, August 2.


The first Hearthstone broadcast will begin at 11AM PDT on the ESL Twitch channel, where four invited players will battle through best of seven matches for a chance to become the Hearthstone #ESLKotH. Once the first king is crowned, it’s time for the community to get involved: challenge the champion by competing through the weekly open cup, conquering a 64-player Swiss bracket to make it to the main event.

The weekly Tuesday broadcasts will begin with the invited player battling the winner of the open cup to move on and challenge last week’s King of the Hill for the title of reigning champion and the weekly $500 prize. Keep your eyes on the ESL Hearthstone Twitter and Facebook for more information, including invited player announcements, and links to the open cup sign ups.


After the first Hearthstone champion is crowned, four invited teams will compete for their chance at the initial Overwatch #ESLKotH title and the weekly prize of $1,000. Be sure to watch the broadcast, starting at 5PM PDT on the ESL Twitch channel. Once a king is determined, the team invites and open qualifiers will begin! Each week, teams will have the chance to usurp the throne, or secure their reign as champions. Be sure to follow ESL Overwatch on Twitter and Facebook for all the updates.


In honor of the launch of ESL King of the Hill, we are giving away one of NEEDforSEAT’s ESL-branded Maxnomic premium gaming chairs to a lucky fan! Just retweet this post for a chance to win.


Tune into the ESL Twitch channel on Tuesday, August 2 starting at 11AM PDT for Hearthstone and 5PM PDT for Overwatch. Join us as we add more games and prizes, and don’t forget to join the conversation using #ESLKotH!