Announcing the Go4LineOfSight tournament series

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Samuel Renström
Product Manager
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We are excited to announce that ESL has joined forces with BlackSpot Entertainment, the developers of the next-gen, first person shooter Line of Sight, to bring you the Go4LineOfSight tournament series – boasting up to US$1,000 in cash prizes every month.

Geared towards up-and-coming teams that want to take it to the next level as well as professional teams, the Go4LineOfSight will have one cup every Sunday starting in February, where you will have the chance to win US$100 and score points toward qualifying for the monthly final. Here the eight best teams of the month clash once more, where the two best teams will get their share of the loot with an additional US$500 on the line.

Sign up for the Go4LineOfSight here!

Check out the official Line of Sight website

Your first chance to win cash prizes and earn points for the monthly ranking will be on Sunday the 5th of February, when our first Go4LineOfSight cup takes place. Make sure to follow ESL Line of Sight on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all tournaments and news coming your way.