Announcing the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 Finals

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Hans Oelschlägel
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The grand finals of season three of the Rainbow Six Pro League are fast approaching. After having the Xbox One finals in North America for previous seasons, both the PC and Xbox One finals will be held in Europe for season three. This November 12th-13th, the ESL Arena in Katowice, Poland, will play host to the best Rainbow Six: Siege teams in the world, who will be fighting for a total prize pool of $150,000!

Similar to the previous seasons, four teams for both PC and Xbox One will qualify for the grand finals, two teams from Europe and two teams from North America per platform. The total prize pool will be split equally between platforms with $75,000 up for grabs in each tournament.

You’ll find the complete prize pool distribution below.

  • PC/Xbox one - $75,000 each
  • 1st - $30 000
  • 2nd - $15 000
  • 3rd/4th - $8750
  • 5th/6th - 3rd teams from EU & NA online stage - $4500
  • 7th/8th - 4th teams from EU & NA online stage - $1500

The broadcast for both seasonal finals will be streamed on the official Rainbow Six: Siege Twitch channel. For further updates regarding the Pro League and the Season 3 Finals, be sure to follow ESL Rainbow Six on Twitter and Facebook. To check out the current Season 3 standings, check out the official Rainbow Six Pro League website.