Apex emerge as the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League Season 1 champions!

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Another finals has come and gone, but not many can claim to be as exciting as the conclusion of this season’s WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League. The championship match came down to a single game in overtime between WGLNA juggernauts Apex and Eclipse! If you missed the matches, you can watch the VOD’s on the WGLNA Youtube channel or read the recap below. You can also view all of the highlights, funny pictures, and more from Saturday night on the WGLNA Twitter!


This match was one of the most anticipated matchups of the night with two popular teams fighting to advance to the grand finals against either Apex or Deja Vu. Predictably, the Twitter vote had Eclipse slightly favored at 57%. Eclipse got off to an early 3-1 lead with o7 not able to win either side of Cliff. o7 refused to give up and continued to cling close to Eclipse until late in the series, when Eclipse were able to pull away for the 7-4 win after o7 were unable to break Eclipse’s Ruinberg defense in the final game. o7 fought closely with Eclipse but were unable to capitalize on a couple of key opportunities.


It was hard to believe that Deja Vu could take down this powerhouse of a team, as Apex have been the best team this season with a 15-1 record. This match was quick and dirty, with Apex decisively securing their place in the grand finals without losing a game to Deja Vu, ending with a perfect 7-0. Deja Vu didn’t play badly, Apex just overpowered them with their superior strategy and skill. However, Deja Vu still had a chance at redemption with the third and fourth place match against o7.


The third and fourth place match took place to determine would would walk away with more in prizing, the alternate position in the NYC Rumble, and most importantly, more points toward travelling to the Grand Finals 2017! The fan vote was largely in favor of o7 for this match. When the teams were tied 4-4, an overwhelming 79% of the vote favored o7 to win.

This was a close match with several lead changes before Deja Vu eventually broke away from o7 with a surprising win on Ruinberg attack. The game looked like o7 had it won, but they were unable to stop the coordinated attack from Deja Vu in the end. If o7 could have held out and won the Ruinberg defense, overtime would have been a likely scenario. The final score was 7-5 in favor of Deja Vu.


WGLNA frontrunners Apex and Eclipse then went head-to-head in a best of thirteen match for the championship title. Comps, the captain of Apex, called it right when earlier this week he said, “This entire season has been a two horse race, now all that is left is to see who crosses the finish line first.” The Twitter poll put these teams very even with 58% of the vote going to Apex winning the final match.

Apex and Eclipse were neck-and-neck most of the match with a few key moments that decided the series. Against all odds, Apex were able to win both sides of Ruinberg, which put Eclipse behind 1-3. Eclipse countered later on, winning both sides of Murovanka, another incredibly difficult task, to bring the score to 4-4. The teams continued to go back and forth until the tie-breaker map, Prokhorovka. Eclipse barreled down the eight line, looking for that decisive brawl, but were outmaneuvered by Apex who had already taken the other side of the railroad tracks with the perfect counter to Eclipse’s plan. It was all downhill from there for Eclipse and Apex overthrew the previous season’s champions 7-6.


The season may be over, but there is more World of Tanks action happening during the offseason! The NYC Rumble is coming up so pay attention to the WGLNA Twitter and Facebook for more information. You can see the structure of the rumbles in this helpful video.

Thank you to the casters, the ESL and Wargaming staff, and most importantly the fans who made this season possible. We will be back with Season 2 before you know it!