Apex remain undefeated in Week 2 of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League

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There was plenty of excitement in Week 2 of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League, with upsets, overtime matches, and teams gaining momentum in the standings. WGLNA Gold League Season I champions Apex went through another week of Season II unscathed while Deja Vu remain close behind. The stakes are raised even higher as thousands of World of Tanks Fantasy players follow the action. Read on to find out what happened in Week 2:


With Eclipse’s dominant performances over the previous season and strong showing against Apex last Thursday, it was expected that Eclipse would take the series. Although it wasn’t an easy feat, Eclipse were just able to eke out the win.

Aquatic M60s began by winning the first game, but the two teams continued to trade matches until an overtime tiebreaker on Ghost Town. The two rosters met on the battleground immediately after Aquatic pushed in with three T57 Heavies, but when it was all over Eclipse won the tiebreaker.

From a fantasy perspective, some of the day’s top points were scored in this game. This match saw the return of Vetro as the day’s top scorer. MasterPupil and DarkNinja_ also had excellent fantasy days with well above 400 points.


Apex have been unbeatable so far in Season II and continued their success against o7, who were only able to pick up one game out of the match when they had a well done Cliff attack. The score was closer than the 5-1 would lead you to think though. With a victory over Deja Vu and an overtime loss to Valence, o7 are going to be a team to watch over the next couple weeks as they vie for the third and fourth place spot. GodEmperorBrett and External led the fantasy scoring with just over 300 a piece.


After Tuesday’s matches, Valence and Rival were sitting in the last two spots in the standings. Both teams needed a spark of life. Valence set the tone for the entire match when they went up and over with a couple Is-4s and Batchats on Mines to catch Rival out of position. Rival were able to counter a weak 1-2 line play from Valence during the next game, but after that Rival were completely shut out and Valence came away with a 5-1 victory.

Vyrall was able to break 300 points, followed closely be GeeForcer and Statik but otherwise no one was able to break out with only six games being played.


Before tonight, o7 Gaming and Top Tier were thought of relatively evenly in terms of their skill. After this match, things changed. o7 started off the night in the lead after winning both games of Mines. The two teams traded matches after Mines until o7 then won both sides of Steppes to secure the win 5-3 with some excellent calling and decision making on maps not called Cliff, where they lost both sides.

Ledif returns as the star of the show here with 445 fantasy points being earned on Thursday and also returning to the overall points leader spot. Xits, Makos, and ogHako round out the good fantasy plays from this match while Pompous gets the unfortunate distinction of being terrible fantasy wise. He was not able to even break 200 points after eight battles.


In this week’s offline matches, we had a few surprises. On Tuesday, Top Tier were able to defeat Valence 5-3 to force Valence down close to the bottom of the standings. Deja Vu were able to defeat Rival 5-3 as well.

On Thursday’s offline matches, Apex soundly defeated Aquatic M60s 5-0. In the big upset of the week, Deja Vu took down Eclipse. Many thought Eclipse were locked in as the second place team this season, but now that is going to be questioned after their huge loss to Deja Vu.


After two weeks of play, the best fantasy player so far is Tryzit! He is followed closely by Wallhacks and Esports_Legend_Tomhwk. For the weekly standings gcp_4, TacoJohn, and ConnerKirk_ round out the top three fantasy pickers. Choose your team wisely and next week you could be in the top three! You can see the full standings to find out where you placed and the prize list to see if you won anything.

Ledif (o7) keeps his top fantasy scoring spot after the second week with 1,548 points scored. MyLittlePutin and Mereelskirata round out the top three players. Check out the player standings and the stats page to see how your favorite players performed this week!


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