Arena of Valor joins the Go4 tournament series with a monthly prize pool of over €5,000 in Europe

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Arena of Valor is going huge and bringing MOBA legends to ESL Arena gamescom 2017 was just the first step for Tencent, now aiming to welcome teams from all over Europe to the brand new Go4 tournament series over at ESL Play, giving you a new chance to fight for fame, glory and prize money every Sunday starting this October with the very first cup.

The Go4 Arena of Valor hub on ESL Play

Throughout October and the months to come, you and your teammates can take part in the weekly cups for your first chance at winning prize money. Additionally, every match you play gives you points in the Go4 ranking which will determine the best eight teams per month, which will clash once more in the monthly finals with prize money on the line for the top two teams. Find all the details on the tournament series over on ESL Play.

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Arena of Valor - Official homepage

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