Astralis and ex-Titan to join Fnatic and EnVyUs at the Barcelona CS:GO Invitational presented by MWC

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With the qualifiers concluded we are happy to announce the final two invites and the full 8 team lineup for the Barcelona CS:GO Invitational. Astralis and ex-Titan will be joining Fnatic and EnVyUs along with four teams who made it through the Spanish and European qualifiers, to battle it out for €75,000 prize pool at the ESL Expo Barcelona presented by Mobile World Congress.


The following four teams have been invited and confirmed their participation at the Barcelona CS:GO Invitational presented by Mobile World Congress.

  • Astralis
  • Fnatic
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Former Titan

They will be joined by two Spanish and two European teams, which made their way through the open qualifiers to earn the right to go up against these allstars of CS:GO for their share of the prize pool and a chance to leave some footprints on an international scale.

  • Team Dignitas (European qualifier)
  • Vexed Gaming (European qualifier)
  • gBots (Spanish qualifier)
  • x6tence (Spanish qualifier)


The format for the Barcelona CS:GO Invitationa will be lives-based, just like Intel Extreme Masters gamescom last summer. This means that, besides seeing interesting team compositions, we will also get to see the formation of some new alliances.

Can Happy and his teammates survive another time?

  • Each team joins the tournament with three lives
  • Losing a game means losing a life
  • Winning a game means the winner gets to chose the teams to play next
  • Maps will be vetoed by the teams playing the next match
  • To win the tournament you need to be the last team with lives left

The €75,000 prize pool will be paid out based on a mixture of ranking, remaining lives as well as lives taken, in order to make every match meaningful. For every life left and every victory achieved, the teams will receive an additional €1,000 on top of the money earned from their placement.

Rank Prize
1st place €22,000
2nd place €11,000
3rd place €5,500
4th place €4,500
5th place €3,500
6th place €2,500
7th place €1,500
8th place €500

With top two of Intel Extreme Masters gamescom 2015 EnVyUs and Astralis both set to be at Barcelona, we might see them go head to head for a second time in another big series for the title. Will one of them come out on top or can one of the qualified teams shake up the balance of power in Barcelona? Go see for yourself by getting a ticket and joining us live on the spot from the 19th to the 21st of February!

For all the latest updates about CS:GO at the ESL Expo Barcelona presented by Mobile World Congress, be sure to keep an eye on the official website as well as on and the official ESL CS:GO Twitter.