Australian player handed 12-month ban due to false ID submission

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Tyson “asap” Paterson from the Australian team Rooster has been handed a 12-month ban for submitting falsified ID documents to ESL in order to circumvent an age restriction.

Prior to the start of DreamHack Masters Winter, it was on December 1 announced that Rooster had been replaced by Chiefs in the Oceania portion of the tournament. This was based on the recommendation from ESIC as an investigation was active for one of the players, which meant that the team lost a third member from the qualifying lineup and thus was no longer eligible for the spot.

On November 28, ESL Australia held a 2-versus-2 tournament with an 18+ age restriction, Tyson “asap” Paterson signed up to compete, but due to previously having competed in tournaments where his age was submitted as 17, a age-verification process was initiated. In this process a date-of-birth was requested and a false date-of-birth was provided.

To verify the date-of-birth, photo ID was requested, to which a falsified ID document was submitted to ESL. ESL’s request for video material to verify the authenticity of the ID document was denied.

Following the gathering of the falsified document and additional information, the player was informed about a possible suspension. The player then went on to send a video of the real ID and admitted that he was indeed 17 and after some further talking he admitted that he had sent in a false ID to try and get around the 18+ restriction.

In coordination and with recommendation by ESIC, Tyson “asap” Paterson has been served a ban. The ban is active from 2/12/2020 and runs for 12 months, it will apply for all DreamHack, ESL and ESEA tournaments and leagues.