The Battle for Odense goes into the final round in EU

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A riveting week awaits as both the playoffs- and relegation fights seek conclusion. Five teams, namely mouz, G2, Hellraisers, FaZe and ex Space Soldiers contend for only three finals spots. Windigo and NiP can theoretically still make it to Denmark as well, but they aren’t clear of being relegated either, something Fnatic, Heroic and AGO will try to, and still can avoid, in the last week of play. Astralis, Na’Vi, BIG and North (who are on the verge of punching their ticket to Odense) are going to sit back, relax and watch the rest of the league duke it out from their top spots. Check out everything you need to know for MD4.

After losing six out of their eight opening maps, HellRaisers have started the most impressive comeback since G2’s phoenix-like rise from the ashes in Season 5 of Pro League. And on MD4, ANGE1 and his boys have full control over their own faith. It’s all or nothing in each of their matches against Heroic, Windigo and especially G2, a direct rival in the playoff quarrel. Talking of which, the French probably surpasses expectations with their fifth rank this late into the season. Their plus-minus is the worst of all top-7 teams and with four more maps against AGO and HellRaisers, and only two points of separation to the 8th rank, it can be questioned whether or not they can remain on course.

FaZe Clan will be quite disappointed with their current eighth rank. With only two more maps against Heroic to go, the superteam’s fate lies in the hands others. NiKo and his boys need to aim for six points here anyway and, given blunders by either G2 or HellRaisers, the finals can still happen. The ex-Space Soldiers are ninth with only 27 points, but six maps to play. Against AGO, Heroic and Fnatic, the Turks can theoretically still reach 45 points, which would most likely suffice to qualify for Odense.

The relegation struggle

Windigo and NiP, ranked tenth and eleventh respectively, have both somewhat recovered from their disastrous start into the season. The Bulgarians have 6 maps to go, the Swedes four, with an all-important clash between them, that could very well send one of the two sides into relegation, a territory currently occupied by Fnatic, Heroic and AGO. The Poles especially have a tough task ahead having to face ex-Space Soldiers, G2 and Astralis to dig themselves out last place to avoid direct demotion.

Luxury up top

Astralis and Na’Vi will head to Denmark as the top seeds, while North still has a shot at claiming the third rank if BIG fails to win a map against Na’Vi and the Danes grab four points or more versus Windigo. Only a combination of very unfortunate results could leave North without a ticket to Odense.

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