CLG handed their first loss in Week 4 of the North American HCS Pro League

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Week 4 of the North American Halo Championship Series: Pro League featured many a Game 5, overtime matches, and some of the best Halo 5 gameplay we have seen all season. World champions Counter Logic Gaming took their first hit in Pro League points and the competition will only get better from here. Read on to catch up on last week’s action.


The first series of the night featured Renegades against the struggling Evil Geniuses squad. They had not found their rhythm and looked to get back on track as we hit the halfway point of season. Things looked grim for EG at first, as they fell behind in Game 1 on The Rig Strongholds. It took some heroics, but Evil Geniuses put together a perfect triple cap at the end of the game to roar back and take the map 100-72. Game 2 showed an even stronger EG squad than before, as they took another point on Truth Slayer 50-38. They won Game 3 Coliseum Capture The Flag 3-1 to sweep Renegades 3-0. This victory was shortly after the reveal of the new EG themed weapon skins, which will be available for purchase June 29.

Following the EG RNG match, Team Liquid went up against Team Allegiance with Heinz as the new addition to the permanent roster. Furthermore, Rammy subbed in place of Ryanoob and with two new players on the team, there was much question about how well they would do with such little practice. Game 1 went to Team Liquid in a game that went down to the wire.

Team Allegiance bounced back from that close loss and didn’t look back. They won the next three games to take the series 3-1.

The third match of the night was also the match of the week. Team EnVyUs went up against defending world champions Counter Logic Gaming in a clash of the top two teams in North America, and it initially looked like it would be business as usual for CLG and their newly-minted team weapon skins. They had a sluggish start in Game 1, but regained their composure and fought back to win the game. nV answered right back in Game 2, and the NA titans traded blows all the way to Game 5, which led to the most tense game of the night. Team nV was up by 5 kills on Eden slayer with 1:30 left on the clock and CLG put together a furious push in the waning seconds to tie the game up and send it into Overtime. Overtime was all CLG, and their control of the power weapons led to a 50-48 victory.

The last two teams to play in Day 1 were E6 and OpTic Gaming. Before the series began, the new OpTic Gaming skins were revealed, which will be available for purchase on the June 29 along with the other two team skins announced this weekend. Game 1 went right down to the wire as the two teams battled it out on Eden Strongholds. OpTic made a late push to steal a 100-99 victory.

Unfortunately for OpTic Gaming, they were not able to build off of that momentum. Enigma 6 took the next three games to win the series by a score of 3-1.


Hot off their win just a few hours prior, the new Team Allegiance squad went up against Renegades and gave them everything they could handle. Rammy, the sub for Allegiance while Ryanoob was out, put on a sensational performance as Allegiance took down Renegades with a 3-1 series score. RNG took the first map of the series in a commanding fashion, but ALG rolled the rest of the way.

The last time Counter Logic Gaming went up against Engima 6 Group, CLG quickly dismissed them (as they had everyone else) and swept them 3-0. This time, the script was a bit different.

E6 came roaring out of the gate with a Game 1 victory on Eden Strongholds. Game 2 went back to CLG 50-36 on The Rig Slayer. Game 3, Fathom Capture The Flag, went back and forth and E6 emerged on top.

With a 2-1 series lead, E6 looked to close out the series on The Rig Strongholds. CLG have not always had success on this game type, and the results showed. Much like their first Strongholds game of the series, E6 was in control from beginning to end and won 100-32, handing CLG their first loss of the season.

Three and a half weeks into the season, Team Liquid were still looking for their first series win as they prepared to play OpTic Gaming. Game 1 went to TL, 100-42 on Plaza Strongholds. Game 2 was more Team Liquid as they took Coliseum Slayer 50-40 and found themselves one win away from earning their first win. In Game 3, Fathom Capture The Flag, TL held off a push from OpTic in the waning seconds of the game to earn the sweep.

Evil Geniuses looked like they were returning to form in their win over Renegades in Day 1 of Week 4, and although it ended in a loss, nV showed that they have the potential to beat anyone, even CLG. Game 1, Plaza Strongholds, was a close game that ended with a final score of 100-93 in favor of nV. The minor margin of victory was no different in Game 2, Regret Slayer, but this time it was EG that reaped the benefits of map control. EG went on to take Game 3 of Coliseum Capture The Flag behind a masterful performance from Snipedown. Game 4 went back to nV to force a Game 5 to determine a victor. Although most of the games had been close, Game 5 was anything but that as nV jumped out to an early lead, winning the game 50-29 and the series by a score of 3-2.

Here are how the standings sit after all the action that went down in Week 4.

Next week Team EnVyUs take the stage once again against Counter Logic Gaming. Will nV be able to hand Counter Logic Gaming their second loss or will CLG get back to their winning ways? Tune in this week on Thursday 5PM PDT on the Halo Twitch channel and follow along on both Facebook and Twitter!