Clou9d’s finals hopes gets buried on MD3 of NA Pro League

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Only an effort similar to The Bride’s in Kill Bill will see autimatic and his companions still make it to Denmark – and even that might not be enough. INTZ have slowly but surely crept their way into the top six, while eUnited dropped out.

Cloud9 have been in disarray ever since winning the Boston Major back in January. At the start of Pro League, flusha joined the squad, and shortly after, Skadoodle announced his step into inactivity. It’s still not a certainty, but by the looks of it, Golden & Co. have found a new fifth in kioShiMa. At Blast Pro Series the team that would become an NA, SWE and France mix, showed great potential. Unfortunately, in Pro League, Cloud9 are staying far behind expectations and an even more disappointing MD3 saw them lose two maps to bottom-placed clan Envy, eliminating almost all chances for the boys to make the playoffs.

Cloud9 drop to rank nine with 20 points after 18 matches and absolutely need to win all four remaining maps to somehow find a way to Denmark. But, and I’d venture to guess the team sees it similarly, the most important thing at the moment, is to find a five-man lineup, stick with it and find some consistency. The uncertainty that has plagued the players these months has to be frustrating and a more stable future should be priority right now, even if the squad misses out on the Odense finals.

And then, there was INTZ

INTZ lost 10 of their first 12 matches, which looks bad, and people were maybe a bit too quick to judge them harshly, especially considering their opposition, the toughest the league has to offer, in those matches – MiBR, Liquid, NRG, Renegades. But felps and kNg, who have once again teamed up at INTZ, turned things around in the second half of the season. On MD2, INTZ played four maps against eUnited and coL, winning three and losing one in OT. The Brazilians now find themselves on rank six, three points ahead of eUnited and in a great position to clinch their ticket in what will certainly be an epic last matchday in the upcoming week.

eUnited in victory and defeat

The boys surrounding dapr probably entered the season as the single biggest underdog. Now, they are just within reach of the playoffs. They won two out of four maps against INTZ and Envy on MD3, causing them to drop down to rank seven with 26 points out of 20 matches. eUnited have allowed the slightly more gritty INTZ to overtake them, but it will get heated between these two teams on the last play day. Regardless of the outcome, dazzle, Relyks & Co. can already be proud of their performance in their first season of the NA Pro League.

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