Compete in April’s Go4’s for a chance at amazing prizes

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Hans Oelschlägel
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Another month, another set of Go4 tournament to compete in! With more than 50 competitions to choose from, this April still has tons of prizes in store for you and your teammates, ranging from from cash and in-game prizes to brand-new hardware. Simple pick a game of your choice from the likes of Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, Hearthstone and many more!

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Florian "blackhawk" Schiekel, Vice Director Community Management ESL, on rapid growth of ESL Play’S Go4 competitions:
"Go4 tournaments have been the esports starting point for many known pro players in its' history and I'm glad to see that we are now able to offer over 50 Go4's in 13 countries and regions for over 20 games with almost 40,000€ total prize money all together. I've always hoped that we will reach this stage and the great thing about it is that we do not plan to stop here! Support us by playing and you'll not be disappointed!"

It’s never too late to compete and there’s still time to secure your spot in the monthly finals of each competition. Check out the Go4 hub, pick out the tournament of your choice and with a bit of luck, and more importantly skill, you’ll have a spot on the podium at the end of the month. We can’t wait to see you in action - best of luck to all competitors!