The CROSSFIRE Stars launches the Major European Championship: your gateway to the Grand Final in China

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Starting this March, the best CROSSFIRE teams from all over Europe can try to earn themselves a spot in the CROSSFIRE Stars European Finals in 2017. Starting with weekly qualifiers, you can already win prize money as well as coupon codes, while working your way towards the monthly finals which can earn you a spot in the CROSSFIRE Stars European Finals. There, a total of US$20,000, as well as one qualifier spot for the prestigious CFS Grand Finals in China, will be on the line when the cream of the crop meet at gamescom in Cologne, Germany!

Find all details on the CFS European Championship hub on ESL Play

Chris "Treffnix" Baur, Head of Marketing at Smilegate Europe, on the tournament:
„CROSSFIRE and ESL have a long history of working together and Smilegate is committed to support CROSSFIRE players´ excellent competitive gaming scene. Over the last years, the European teams have seen big success in the CROSSFIRE Stars Grand Finals, securing the second place twice and now we want to provide players with the esports experience they will need, to finally bring the cup to Europe.”

With a total of 16 teams taking part in the European Championship, there are multiple chances for you to earn a spot among them. While FlipSid3 Tactics and PENTA Sports have been seeded due to their involvement in the CFPL in China, the remaining spots are meant for the winners of the monthly finals as well as the top 10 non qualified teams throughout the qualification process.

With the first qualifier taking place this Sunday, 5th of March, you better get your team on track and prepare to bring your best. Make sure to follow ESL CROSSFIRE on Twitter and Facebook to get all updates, news and more!