Crowning a new Intel Extreme Masters Taipei champion

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Day two of StarCraft II at Intel Extreme Masters Taipei saw an incredibly stacked line-up for the semifinals. With each player impressing on day one, it was hard to predict the outcome of the tournament. Take a look at how the games went down.

Semifinal: ByuN vs Soulkey

ByuN dismantled Lilbow in 20 minutes during the quarterfinals while Soulkey had to fight out a nail biter against Polt. The latter, however, did not show any signs of exhaustion to begin the series, taking the first map in an exciting match. But from then on out, it was the ByuN show! The Terran won the next three games in a row to book his ticket to the grand finals and has looked near unstoppable during the tournament!

ByuN 3-1 Soulkey

Semifinal: sOs vs herO

If you look away for one second during LotV PvP, you may just lose the game. At least that’s what it seemed like in the highly anticipated series between sOs and herO. And their matchup did not disappoint. It was an incredible back and forth that went all the way to five games, leaving the viewers breathless. Especially the all important game five really had it all. At the end it was sOs that came out victories in the amazing series, which will surely be remembered as one of the most exciting PvP matchups of the new expansion.

sOs 3-2 herO

Grand final: ByuN vs sOs

Riding the high from the last series, sOs switched things up and came out with a macro heavy game one to which ByuN had no answer. But the Terran caught on quickly and sOs tried to go greedy in game two and was immediately punished by ByuN to tie series back up at 1-1. But that did not deter the Protoss, who opted to go for THREE gold bases bases to swing the series back in his favor in style. After cruising through game four as well, ByuN finally managed to pull a game back on Lerilak Crest to close the gap, but he could not afford any more slip ups as sOs was one game away from winning it all. Unfortunately for him, sOs continued to adapt his play style throughout the series, showing off many different builds and we would not give ByuN the chance to take it to a game seven, by closing out the grand finals on Central Protocol.

ByuN 2-4 sOs

sOs is your Intel Extreme Masters Taipei champion!

All that remains now in Season X of the Intel Extreme Masters is the final stop at the World Championships in Katowice. Stay in touch via Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news regarding the World Championships.