Dare Rising moves into second place after this week in the World of Tanks Gold League

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This week was an interesting one in the WGLNA as a couple teams finally showed some signs of life and we had some top teams show some weakness. Find out how the standings shook up with this week’s matches below.


Coming into this game, Top Tier were coming off a two win streak against Teal Team 6 and o7, but were now staring down a powerhouse team in eClipse. eClipse were sitting securely in second place after performing flawlessly against every team except Elevate so far this season.

The match started with Top Tier shocking the world as they swept eClipse on typically their best map, Prokhorovka. eClipse managed to stabilize a bit as they split the next two maps 2-2, which still put Top Tier on match point 4-2. Then, eClipse managed to turn it around with three consecutive wins to get the match win in overtime 5-4.

With this overtime win, eClipse dropped in the standings to third, behind Dare Rising, because a team is only awarded two points for an overtime victory as opposed to the standard three point victory.


Similar to last week, o7 have still been struggling mightily. They had yet to score a point on the season and even facing a weaker team in the Aquatic M60s, they were not expected to perform.

This game started out with o7 showing some signs of life as they won the very first battle on Sand River. Then, things started to go downhill for them as they lost all five battles in a row to Aquatic M60s. Once again, o7 went into Thursday’s matches without a single win yet this season.


Teal Team 6 may be new to the league, but they have shown they are not a team to be taken lightly. On the opposing side, eClipse had a bit of an off game vs Top Tier on Tuesday, but were still widely regarded as elite in the league. 

The match started with both teams splitting the first two maps 2-2, which wasn’t unusual, but one might have predicted that eClipse would have won more of these games. In the third map, both teams split Himmelsdorf, which really started to raise some eyebrows at the 3-3 scoreline. Luckily, eClipse played lights out on Mines to pick up the 5-3 win to avoid giving up any more points.

eClipse struggled this week after barely winning 5-4 over Top Tier and holding on 5-3 against Team Team 6. We will have to monitor that situation to see if they rebound from this off week for them.


Dare have looked strong so far this season, and Thursday they took on the Aquatic M60s. Aquatic hadn’t made much of a statement yet this season but they were looking for a big win tonight.

Aquatic M60s won a very close first battle to take the lead 1-0, which lead us to believe that this game might have gone on longer than expected. However, Dare Rising denied them a second victory and rebounded to win the next five games in a row, effectively sealing the series against Aquatic M60s 5-1.

Dare held onto second place over eClipse with this win, but their biggest challenge is coming next week Tuesday against Elevate, which will an important game for the standings.

On Tuesday, Elevate smoked F7 5-0 with an easy win, and Dare also rolled over Teal Team 6 with a 5-1 victory.

On Thursday, Elevate continued to dominate as they decimated Top Tier 5-0. Top Tier had previously found some success against eClipse but couldn’t get anything going against the league’s powerhouse team. F7 also defeated o7 5-3 to keep o7 winless on the season.


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