Day two of the WCS Winter Championship sees favorites fight to advance

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The second day of the WCS Winter Championship was when things really started to heat up. 14 players already advanced from the round of 32 yesterday, with two more to fight for the right to join them as day two began. Followed by the beginning of the round of 16, Thursday saw some hard-won battles as well as some some clear-cut victories - but who succeeded?

Round of 32

The second day kicked off with the last two matches of the round of 32, which saw Bly and Elazer face off followed by iAsonu and TLO. After a couple of close series, it was Elazer and iAsonu who emerged victorious to advance to the round of 16 - we’ll see how they’ll fare in day three!


  • Match 15: Bly vs. Elazer - 2-3
  • Match 16: iAsonu vs. TLO - 3-1

Round of 16

Next up was the beginning of the round of 16, which saw some of the biggest names in StarCraft compete for a spot in the quarterfinals. Polt wasn’t the only one to take a decisive 3-0 win, with HuK and Nerchio also demonstrating their desire for the trophy with gusto. With FireCake and viOLet also winning the right to advance, there are going to be some good games to look forward to!


  • Match 1: Polt vs. Dayshi - 3-0
  • Match 2: FireCake vs. Has - 3-1
  • Match 3: MaNa vs. HuK - 0-3
  • Match 4: Nerchio vs. SortOf - 3-0
  • Match 5: MarineLorD vs. viOLet - 2-3

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The action continues today!

Today will see the conclusion of the round of 16 as well as the quarterfinals of the WCS Winter Championship, bringing us one step closer to finding out who will win the lion’s share of the incredible prize pool and trophy

Tune in here from 12:30 CEST!

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