Decisive victories and close calls in day one of the WCS Winter Championship

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Yesterday saw the WCS Winter Championship kick off at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2016. 32 top StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void players began their battle for the US$150,000 prize pool, 10,000 WCS points and WCS Global Playoffs seed up for grabs, but not everyone could make it to the round of 16. Find out how day one went down!

Round of 32

Wednesday saw the round of 32 get the tournament going at full pelt. With plenty of familiar faces with a lot to prove, day one definitely gave rise to some fierce competition. Favorites both rose and fell as the matches unfolded - see how they all went below!


  • Match 1: Polt vs. Lambo - 3-1
  • Match 2: PtitDrogo vs. Dayshi - 0-3
  • Match 3: Serral vs. FireCake - 0-3
  • Match 4: Bunny vs. Has - 2-3
  • Match 5: MaNa vs. PiLiPiLi - 3-1
  • Match 6: HuK vs. PiG - 3-0
  • Match 7: ShoWTimE vs. Nerchio - 2-3
  • Match 8: Lilbow vs. SortOf - 2-3
  • Match 9: puCK vs. MarineLorD - 0-3
  • Match 10: XiGua vs. viOLet - 1-3
  • Match 11: MaSa vs. Harstem - 3-1
  • Match 12: MajOr vs. Snute - 1-3
  • Match 13: Happy vs. Hydra - 2-3
  • Match 14: Kelazhur vs. Neeb - 2-3

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Get ready for the round of 16

With the final two round of 32 matches followed by the beginning of the round of 16, day two of the WCS Winter Championship is sure to have some exciting matches in store. Who will earn the right to advance? Tune in to find out!

Watch here from 12:20 CEST!

For all the latest updates during the event, make sure to keep an eye on the official Intel Extreme Masters website as well as follow ESL StarCraft on Facebook and Twitter!