Dominating performances in the North American Rainbow Six Pro League lead to separation in the standings

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While there were no clear upsets this week, the way in which matches played out was anything but expected. This week of the North American Rainbow Six Pro League started off with a strong showing from eXcellence. By the time it was over Biggity Boo Bop and Orgless went a combined 20-1 in rounds on PC.


The first matchup of Play Day 4 on Xbox One was eXcellence Gaming against Onslaught Clan. It looked great for Onslaught to start the night as they jumped out to a 3-1 lead on Clubhouse before eXcellence came roaring back to take a 5-3 victory. eXcellence were able to ride the momentum from their comeback on Clubhouse straight into Kanal where eXcellence never conceded the lead on their way to a 5-2 win.

The second match of the night featured Soar Gaming and Denial Esports. Denial are reigning Xbox One champions, but have not looked good in Season 3 thus far. The first half of Bank was close and Denial won a round after a restart to put them up 3-2 until Soar took over for the second comeback of the night winning three straight rounds to steal the W. That seemed to place Denial on tilt who didn’t look like the same team on Hereford Base. Soar finished off the second game 5-1 and forced a Denial ragequit in the sixth round.

Offstream, Strictly Business took down Noble Esports 5-3 and 6-4 on Consulate and Kanal respectively.

Check out where we stand after four weeks of of Xbox One action in the North American Rainbow Six Pro League.


The first match of Play Day 4 on PC was between Biggity Boo Bop and Flipsid3 Tactics. In a whirlwind of domination, Biggity Boo Bop won ten straight rounds on Clubhouse and Hereford Base. Not only did Flipsid3 Tactics fail to claim a round, they looked completely absent and often walked into free kills without checking common corners, often leaving the attack until too late in the round.

The final match of the week pitted a perennially strong Orgless team against the struggling roster of Eanix. Eanix picked Clubhouse as it seems to now be a comfort pick among teams in North America on Xbox and PC. That was a mistake, Eanix got shellacked 5-0. Kanal was up next and didn’t go much better for the new organization. A 5-1 scoreline left a lot of room for improvement as Eanix will join the teams fighting to avoid relegation at the end of Season 3.

Offstream, MiLSPEC Esports and Ferocity Esports tied at one game a piece.

Here are the standings for the North American Rainbow Six Pro League on PC.


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