Earn yourself some additional money for your holidays in ESLs Go4 cups

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Philipp Saedler
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Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you’re not up for a good competition, right? ESL Play is hosting it’s Go4 cups three more times in July and just this month alone there is almost €20,000 remaining on the line. No matter if you are from Europe or North America, there are cups in many games from the long running Go4 series’ in CS:GO, World of Tanks or StarCraft II as well as the latest additions Overwatch, Metal Assault and Modern Combat 5.

Check out the Go4 tournament hub on ESL Play

The Go4 tournaments are free to play and open to players and teams at any skill level. While competing in the cups, you score points for better seedings in the follow up cups as well as the monthly finals, seeing the best participants face each other once more for the lion’s share of the prize pools.

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