eClipse regain dominance in Week 4 of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League

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The eClipse roster struggled in the earlier weeks of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League, but came back strong in Week 4. Find out more about eClipse and the other matches this week below!


Aquatic M60s were highly favored to defeat the struggling Valence squad and showed up ready to play. The M60s ran away with the match by winning both sides of mines and cliff to make it a 4-0 lead before Valence could respond by winning a game on Himmesdorf to prevent the shutout. Unfortunately, Valence were not able to follow up on their win and ultimately fell to Aquatic M60s 5-1.

MrMan and Bailes were the big fantasy winners in this match, both scoring nearly 400 points in six games, which is an impressive feat! Keep an eye on them in the future for your teams.


Rival have a history of starting slow and then rebounding to slip into the playoffs, but this year they are starting slower than usual after scoring no victories in the first round robin. With some roster changes we were hoping to see a spark of life from Rival this match.

This match started to look like another shutout against Rival after Top Tier stunningly won both sides of Murovanka. After another loss on Prok to make the score 3-0, Rival needed a win. Luckily Rival were able to prevent the shutout by winning the the next game on Prok and a game on Himmelsdorf. They were unable to stop Top Tier’s advances. Top Tier won this one 5-2 although several games were extremely close.

Meerelskirata and Pompous lead Top Tier in fantasy points scored this match, putting up 389 and 342 respectively.


This was to be an epic rematch of the playoff game last season at the WGLNA offline finals in Burbank, CA. O7 and Dare have both been spectacular this season, so no one was sure who would end up on top in this fight.

Surprisingly, this match started off absolutely dominated by Dare Rising. They cruised through Steppes and Prokhorovka almost instantly pushing the match to 4-0. O7 appeared to be on the back foot after the first losses and didn't have an answer to Dare’s strategies. When mines rolled around, o7 were ready to start a comeback.

Dare tried a pick strat where they had a JPE100 of all tanks try and ambush a batchat headed to the one line of mines, but luckily the batchat of o7 was able to avoid almost all the damage. O7 went on to win both sides of Mines to make people believe in the comeback. It was not to be though, as o7 were not able to surpass the defensive favored leaning Murovanka attack, which brought the match to an end with a Dare Rising victory, 5-2.

Newt and MyLittlePutin headline as the fantasy stars from this match, each scoring 395 and 381 respectively. Ledif has been struggling lately with o7 not putting wins on the board and only scored about 255 Thursday.


Headed into this match, there was not much optimism that Rival could hang in there with the former WGLNA champions. Unfortunately, these predictions proved to be rather correct as eClipse dominated the series outside of one game on Himmelsdorf where Rival won some key trades late in the game to stop the shutout. Outside of that game, Rival didn’t seem to be competitive with eClipse. eClipse won the series 5-1.

T1_Diabetic led the fantasy points for eClipse with 337, but everyone was right around 300 points.


Highlighting this week’s offline matches was o7 Gaming vs eClipse. This was set up to be a close match as both teams were closely ranked in the standings. The match ended up not being close at all as eClipse completely dismantled o7 during the match. o7 never got off the ground as eClipse swept them to a 5-0 Victory.

In the second offline match on Tuesday, Apex showed why they are undefeated so far this season by sweeping Dare Rising. Apex won 5-0 leaving fans wondering if Dare had a bad night or of Apex is really that good.

Thursday night, Apex once again didn’t let their opponent win a single game as they rolled over Valence in another 5-0 victory.

The second match on Thursday was going to be a good test for the recently red hot Aquatic M60s as they took on Top Tier. Aquatic M60s continued to succeed as they won the match handily with a 5-2 Victory. We will have to watch them next week and see if they can continue to win games.


This week was a change of pace in the fantasy world as the typical performers like Ledif, Ox, and Vetro failed to put out big numbers. Aquatic M60s’ players were big winners this week with MrMan, Bailes, and DarkNinja rewarding people who picked them with almost 800 points this week.

Ledif continues to lead the league in points, but only barely, as Mereelskirata and Vetro close in. There are a number of players close behind as well so do not be surprised to see a major shake up in the overall points scored next week.


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