Elevate moves to 10-0 after Week 5 of the World of Tanks Gold League North America

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It was an eventful week full of unlikely upsets and utter domination by the top teams in the World of Tanks Gold League North America this week. Read on and see which teams scored huge upsets and which teams fell under the weight of huge powerhouses!


The second place Dare Rising took on Top Tier in the first match last Tuesday. Dare had managed to hold on to second place so far this season, but Top Tier seemed to be heating up after strong showings against F7 and Aquatic M60s the previous week.

Dare started out with a win on Prokhorovka, but it was downhill from there when Top Tier won the other side of Prokhorovka. Continuing their impressive streak, Top Tier then went on to win both sides of Murovanka. With the score 3-1, Top Tier went on to get their last two wins on Himmelsdorf and take the series 5-1 in an incredible upset!


A juggernaut match between two of the WGLNA’s best teams, Elevate vs eClipse, was the highlight match on Tuesday hands down. This was a grudge match between two teams who met at the WGLNA Live Finals this past spring in Burbank, where Elevate took the win. This time, however, eClipse was ready for a rematch.

It wasn’t a great start for eClipse as they fell 2-0 on Sand River. Since Sand River is a new map to the league this season, the outcomes of matches on this map have been rather unpredictable. On the next map, Prokhorovka, eClipse made a comeback by taking both sides to tie the game up 2-2. With the score tied, anticipation was building for an epic showdown!

Unfortunately for eClipse, the next map was Himmelsdorf, and Elevate is widely known for being unstoppable on it. Elevate took both sides of Himmelsdorf, then finished off eClipse on Ghost Town for a 5-2 win to remain undefeated in the season.


Aquatic M60s may be a veteran team, but they have been struggling so far this year. eClipse remained in third place but they had just given to o7 Gaming their first win of the season.

With the match starting on Ghost Town, eClipse quickly took control of the series. They rolled through Ghost Town and then crushed Aquatic M60s on Prokhorovka, so it was match point 4-0 in their favor. To finish the things off, eClipse pulled off a clean Himmelsdorf defense in order to get the 5-0 sweep over Aquatic M60s.


No one really gave o7 much of a chance against the undefeated Elevate, but o7 had unexpectedly defeated eClipse in the previous week, so there was hope for them to pull off a win. Elevate was looking to go to 10-0 in the season, an impressive feat for any team.

Elevate started strong with two wins on Sand River and Ghost Town. o7 was clearly trying to put up a fight, but they just could not match Elevate's skill in battle. Then o7 managed to pull off a surprising Murovanka attack victory to ensure they didn’t get swept. Elevate put the match away with a win on the next game to take a 5-1 win over o7 Gaming.


On Tuesday, F7 narrowly defeated Aquatic M60s in overtime 5-4 in a match that could pay off down the line when playoff seeding comes into play. Teal Team 6 defeated o7 Gaming 5-1, shutting down o7’s hot streak.

On Thursday, Top Tier crushed Teal Team 6 5-0 in an impressive win, and Dare came back to form with a 5-2 win over F7.


Make sure to come watch more World of Tanks action next Tuesday at 5:30PM PST on! Leading off we will have a battle of the new teams with F7 taking on Teal Team 6 as they fight for playoff positioning. The second match will be a fight for second place between eClipse and Dare Rising. Dare is only one point ahead of eClipse so a clean win from eClipse will give them second place in the league!

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