The end of an era in stats, farewell Go4SC2!

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The Go4SC2, the longest running series of online cups ever hosted for StarCraft II, comes to an end after nine years. As a small thank you to the community, we've collected the most relevant stats that marked our beloved cup.

Taking place since march of 2010, during the first weeks of the Wings of Liberty Beta, this tournament series fulfilled an important role for the StarCraft community. Setting the bar for standardized competitive environments, it became a place for players to challenge themselves against some of the very best contenders in Europe. Cash prizes, glory and a place in StarCraft II history were at stake every week.

A tournament is nothing without its players, without the stories they wrote by winning, by taking that last map of the series to the most impossible situation and making a comeback to secure the title. Some of those stories were already highlighted in our previous piece. However godly these players may be, they were only four of the many, many that made the Go4 what it was. It would not be fair if we left without mentioning some of the players that were, and still are with us.

Thank you to all our Go4SC2 winners throughout the years:

Abbadon, Abstract, Achilles, AcRo, Adelscott, aLive, Apocalypse, AqueroN, ArchangeL, Arctur, Aristeo, Armani, Artist, As, AvaTaR, Avekatten, Avokado, BabyKnight, Basior, Beastyqt, Bee, BeNSeN, biGs, Billowy, BlinG, Blord, BluE, Bly, BratOK, Breathe, BsK, Bunny, BuRning, BurNinGKR, CBSchatten, Chubz, Clem, ClouD, Complain, control, CoolTea, Crow, Cube, Daisy, DaNa, DarKFoRcE, DarkHydra, Dayshi, Daysi, DBS, DeathAngel, DeathMask, Delking, Delphi, DeMusliM, Denver, deslice, DeViL, DieStar, DIMAGA, DMC, DnS, Dragon, DreAm, Druzdill, Eeel, Elazer, Elbegast, elfi, ExE, FanTaSy, Fargo, Farmer, FeaR, First, Forsen, Forte, fraer, Friend, FristZerg, Funk, funkay, Gamja, GenjiTakiya, Gerald, ghasT, Giantt, goblin, Golden, GoOdy, Goswser, GunGFuBanDa, Guru, Hades, HaNfy, Happy, HappyZerg, Harstem, HasuObs, HateMe, Hazed, Healer, Hellraiser, HeltEn, HeRoMaRinE, hG, hinO, HiTcH, hOpe, HuK, Hunter, Hush, Hydra, HyuN, ImBaTosS, Indy, InZaNe, iRa, Jaedong, January, jimpo, jjakji, joe, JonnyREcco, Kalin, Kane, Kas, KeeN, Kenshin, KensShow, KnowMe, Kop, KrasS, Krolu, Kroly, Krystianer, LaLuSh, Lambo, LamborGhiNi, Leenock, Light, Lilbow, Lillekanin, LiveZerg, LoWeLy, Lucifer, LucifroN, Lucky, Majestic, MajOr, MaNa, Mantis, Mardow, MarineLorD, Matiz, MC, MeteoRain, Minato, Miszu, MMA, MoMaN, monchi, Monty, MorroW, Mvp, Naama, Namshar, NaNiwa, Naugrim, NCMYdachNiGG, Neeb, Nerazim, Nerchio, Neytpoh, NightEnD, Nimitz, Nitix, Noname, nukestrike, pal, PappiJoe, ParanOid, Patience, PenguiN, Petraeus, PiG, Pink, Primelot, Ptak, PtitDrogo, Quent, qxc, Rail, Rasowy, ReaL, rekrutGG, Relmer, Revival, Revolution, Revolver, Reynor, Rine, Rmdx, Rodzyn, Roll, Romson, roof, RotterdaM, Ryosis, RZP, Sacsri, Sage, San, SarenS, Satiini, ScaM, Scandalous, Scandicain, Seala, Semper, Seniin, Senin, Senn, SenSei, ShaDoWn, ShimOon, Shino, ShoWTimE, Shuttle, Silvano, Siw, SjoW, Skillous, Skinky, SLiDeR, sLivko, Snute, Socke, Sohel, Solar, soniCSysteM, SortOf, souL, SouLeer, SpaceMarine, SpellSinger, Starbuck, StarDust, starkiller, StarNaN, Stephano, Strange, Strelok, Super, sYz, Taeja, TAiLS, TargA, Tarrantius, Tarson, TcUltimate, Teddyy, Teebul, Tefel, TheWeakness, TheZergLord, Tholor, TitaN, TLO, ToD, TomikuS, ToXiV, TrOn, Turuk, twice5, Underdark, Unix, uThermal, Vanya, Verdi, VersuchsTier, VortiX, Waka, Wanderer, Welmu, White-Ra, Winckel, woodedmicrob, xEi, yingyang, YoDa, YoGo, Zanster, Zazu, ZerO, ZhuGeLiang, Ziggy, Znow, TRUE

And thank you readers, viewers, streamers. To everyone who joined us in this nine-year-long run, GG WP!

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Text and graphics by Dimitri "Sinistro" Calcavanti and Nicolas "MMY" Hammer.