ESL and Cybersmile join forces against online abuse

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Philipp Saedler
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Toxicity has been a community problem in gaming for quite a while. To fight this, The Cybersmile Foundation, which started as just a blog four years ago, is working together with big names like CS:GO player Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey or BioWare’s lead editor Karin Weekes to fight online abuse and to spread positivity across the world wide web. ESL events will see an increased presence of Cybersmile, getting gamers around in the globe in touch with their incredible and passionate work.

Craig Levine, CEO at ESL America, on working with The Cybersmile Foundation:
“Everybody at ESL is delighted to start working with Cybersmile within this exciting new partnership. Their mission to equip vulnerable gamers and support players needing help with the necessary tools and advice sits perfectly with ESL’s commitment to create a truly inclusive esports/gaming environment. Exciting times ahead!”

Dan Raisbeck, Co Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation, about the partnership:
“Becoming Official Charity Partner to ESL is a perfect fit for Cybersmile. Being able to engage with millions of gamers and the gaming industry as a whole in such a direct way is going to have a huge impact on our mission for truly diverse and inclusive gaming and esports environments.”

Learn more about Cybersmile on their official website and make sure to follow ESL on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on our upcoming events and tournaments!