ESL and Slingshot Cartel partner up for the first ever Go4 Series, with $3,000 in prizes on offer!

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Futuristic third-person shooter The DRG Initiative is partnering with ESL for a series of public tournaments where thousands of dollars can be won by the best players.

ESL will hold Go4 cups for for twelve weeks, beginning on 1 July.

Teams will be split into European and North American divisions when playing in these weekly contests. Every four weeks, the top eight teams from the two regions will clash in monthly finals, where the best three-person teams will square off for the chance to win money, bragging rights and other exciting prizes.


Go4DRG Initiative Calendar

  • Weekly Cup #1 - July 1
  • Weekly Cup #2 - July 8
  • Weekly Cup #3 - July 15
  • Weekly Cup #4  - July 22
  • Monthly Finals #1 - July 25
  • Weekly Cup #5 - July 29
  • Weekly Cup #6 - August 5
  • Weekly Cup #7 - August 12
  • Weekly Cup #8 - August 19
  • Monthly Finals #2 - July August 22
  • Weekly Cup #5 - August 26
  • Weekly Cup #6 - September 2
  • Weekly Cup #7 - September 9
  • Weekly Cup #8 - September 16
  • Monthly Finals #3 - September 19

Go4DRG Prize Pool Breakdown
Weekly Tournaments

  • 1st place - $/€ 50

Monthly Tournaments

  • 1st place - $/€ 140
  • 2nd place - $/€ 80
  • 3rd place - $/€ 40

To give everyone a fighting chance, Slingshot Cartel is pleased to announce a series of free Steam weekends - so anyone who’s interested in competing can sample the game. The game will be free on Steam to access from June 21-24 and June 28th to July 1st.

Anyone playing during this period can also take part in ESL’s first Go4 tournament on 1 July, even if they haven’t yet purchased the game.

The DRG Initiative is a competitive team shooter that takes place in The Greatest Gameshow On Earth - a brutal, televised coliseum of combat that pits teams of three in battle while audience members vote to trigger events and manipulate the arena. It’s currently in Steam Early Access.

If you are a content creator or an established esports team manager and would like more information, please contact the team directly on

More information about The DRG Initiative can be found on the official website and at @drginitiative and

The game’s official Discord is at

Fans and players can follow ESL’s DRG Initiative tournaments at @ESLDRG and, and the official hashtag is #Go4DRG.

The game is available to buy in the Steam Store.