ESL CS:GO World Ranking Rules Update

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We are tweaking the ESL World Ranking to restore an imbalance within the system to ensure ESL WR points are allocated proportionally in online regional competitions.

This change mostly pertains to the North American region. With an effort to support the North American region, earlier this year we increased the prize pool for the NA ESEA Cash Cups from $4,000 to $15,000 which resulted in an influx of higher ranking NA teams competing.

The ESL World Ranking takes the size of tournaments and the quality of teams competing into consideration, with higher ranking teams the Cash Cups saw the ESL WR points on offer become inflated. Further details of the rules can be found here.

Following these changes we observed and received feedback from the players and community that the Cash Cups were weighted too heavily. This feedback warranted us to internally review the current system and implement changes.

Looking back

Previously the ESL World Ranking considered the Top 12 teams of a region competing in a tournament and the more teams within the Top 12 that participate, the more ESL World Ranking points that are on offer.

Moving forward

We’ve reviewed this and have now changed it to the Top 8 and believe this change will restore balance to smaller tournaments such as the Cash Cups.

This change will be applied to upcoming competitions such as ESEA Premier and the NA Cash Cups and has taken effect after the recent conclusion of DHO North America where Extra Salt claimed victory.

We believe these changes will help maintain healthy balance within the ESL World Rankings. Be sure to keep up to date with our tournaments and more on our twitter.