ESL Fantasy competitions for CS:GO and StarCraft II at IEM Taipei

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Starting this Friday, Intel Extreme Masters Taipei will see the last matches before the World Championship in Katowice being played. While the contenders in Taipei play for their share of the US$75,000 prize pool, you can join the competitions on ESL Fantasy and show how good your knowledge of the CS:GO and StarCraft II scene really is.

IEM Taipei - Fantasy competitions:
CS:GO & StarCraft II on ESL Fantasy

How it works:

For both CS:GO and StarCraft II there will be a bracket challenge with you being the one to pick the winners of the matches. The more correct winners and scores you have, the higher you will score in the rankings. You will have time to change your predictions up until the starting times of the individual matches.

You score points in these two ways:

  • 3 points for picking the correct winner of a match
  • 2 bonus points for predicting the correct score of a match

Private leagues:

In case you just want to challenge a set group of friends, you can create your own league while earning points in the same way. You can limit your private league to those players you want to have on board for IEM Taipei and its two tournaments.

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