ESL Fantasy returns for the LCS Summer Splits in Europe and North America

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Starting on the 2nd of June, the League of Legends Championship Series, or short LCS, returns to Europe, while North America sees their first matches being played two days later, on the 4th of June. To enjoy the LCS matches to the maximum, ESL Fantasy brings back it’s free and open competition for two ESL Shop vouchers, worth €50 and €25, for the two best managers.

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How ESL Fantasy works

While taking part in the open competition for the LCS Summer Split, you will face other managers in a budget based system. You will have $6,600 to assemble your team for the first days of play. So it’s on you to find the perfect combination of players to score points and earn some value to have more choices for the next playday.

As the North American LCS is using a best of three format, while European matches are a best of two series, the points are being adjusted. ESL Fantasy equalizes the points so EU and NA players will earn about the same amount of points for similar performances, no matter if it was two or three matches being played. You can find the full rules, points system and more on the ESL Fantasy website.

You prefer a draft system for your Fantasy Leagues? Create your own league on ESL Fantasy, invite additional players and draft your way to the top. Earn your bragging rights and enjoy the same points system as in the open competition.

We hope you enjoy the Summer Split kick off!