The ESL Heroes of the Storm Europe Summer Regional heads to Leicester

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Last week, the details of the qualification process for the ESL Heroes of the Storm Europe Summer Regional were announced. These qualifiers will give eight teams the chance to compete at the ESL UK studios in Leicester from April the 22nd to the 24th, where they will fight for their share of US$100,000.

Concerning feedback from members of the community regarding the announcement, product manager at ESL David Kugelmann said:

“We are sorry we had to announce the qualifiers and the first regional at short notice, and we promise to improve the way this works in the future. We have heard the community's feedback loud and clear and want to assure you that the upcoming changes to the Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship will be positive for everyone, with more opportunities to qualify, more prize money to win and more Heroes of the Storm to watch.”

The qualification starts this week

There are eight spots up for grabs at the ESL Heroes of the Storm Europe Summer Regional UK, which will be awarded following three qualifying events - starting with the very first qualifier this Wednesday. The top two teams in the first and second qualifiers will each earn the chance to compete at Leicester. The eight best non-qualified teams will then brawl again in the final qualifier, where the top four finishers will also earn places at the main event.

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And there’s even more to come

The ESL Heroes of the Storm Europe Summer Regional UK in Leicester is only the first of two Summer Regionals in Europe. More details on upcoming competitions, which will give even more teams the chance to shine, win prize money and qualify for the Summer Championship, will be released soon.

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