The ESL Open and Major Leagues for World of Tanks to start soon

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After seeing the CS:GO community do very well with the open format of ESL Leagues, the World of Tanks community is the next to enjoy a league format offering a good set of matches as well as chance to climb the ladder and make a name for yourself. While the ESL Open League will be a place for every team to find competition, the ESL Major League will bring together four teams from WGL Gold as well as the best teams from the Go4WoT cup series.

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The ESL Open League will see an unlimited amount of teams from the open signup battling for over 650,000 Gold (the World of Tanks in-game currency) in two group stages, followed by playoffs as well as a relegation. With the minimum of seven players, every team can sign up until Tuesday, 1st of March, 2016, with the first matches already set for the 8th of March.

A shot at more - the ESL Major League

Twelve teams will be invited to play the first season of ESL Major League in World of Tanks. While four teams will be coming from the WGL Gold League, the remaining eight spot are up for grabs for the best teams in the Go4WoT cup series throughout February. With over 700,000 Gold and further prizes to be announced soon, this could be your chance to play some of the best teams in Europe.

In relegation for season 2, the best teams from ESL Open will get their chance to claim a spot in the Major League. So don’t hesitate in case you can’t make it through the Go4WoT cups. Join the Open League and fight your way to the top!

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