ESL partners with Coil

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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Coil. Coil is a single membership that is interoperable across properties and platforms. Creators on the network get paid directly and instantaneously from member users.

We believe this collaboration will enhance the viewing experience for viewers, fans, gamers and players around the world. Coil offers viewers and fans an efficient way to access and support players across a range of channels such as on Twitch, blogs, podcasts and even our own CSGO Hub. Many players today are also content creators themselves, who can now use Coil to generate revenue from Coil members across all these platforms.

"We are looking forward to integrating Coil into our ESL platforms. They offer us a unique way to get our offering out to fans and allow us to monetize more efficiently while passing on that savings to our users."
-Trevor Schmidt
VP of Digital Platforms, ESL

“We’re thrilled to partner with ESL and put Coil in the hands of more players and fans within the gaming community.”
Jonathan Greenglass
Chief Growth Officer, Coil

We are excited about Coil’s collaboration with us and will keep you informed as the partnership begins rolling out later this year.

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