ESL Partners with Super Evil Megacorp to Produce Vainglory Summer 2017 Season

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Judy Heflin
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ESL and Super Evil Megacorp have partnered for the remainder of the 2017 Season to bring regularly scheduled broadcasts of Vainglory's professional league, the Vainglory8, to online audiences across the globe. ESL and Super Evil Megacorp joined forces in May to bring mobile esports to The O2 for the Vainglory Unified Live Spring 2017 Championship and will continue to lead the way for mobile esports with high-level competitions and productions. 

“We're very excited to partner with Super Evil Megacorp and work in tandem as leaders in mobile esports,” said Sean Charles, VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, ESL. “Vainglory has inspired the mobile gaming industry by sustaining a viable esports ecosystem and we are pleased to bring mobile esports to the top with Super Evil Megacorp.”

“We are excited to give our community even more reasons to celebrate the arrival of summer, between a new hero, new skins, and a new partnership with ESL,” said Bo Daly, Co-Founder & President of Super Evil Megacorp. “Partnering with ESL to bring broadcasts of the Vainglory8 to more viewers across more channels only makes sense for us; as we strive to serve our players and fans, and to keep our place as the leading mobile esport, we want to partner with top talent of esports production, and that for us is ESL.”

Vainglory8 Summer 2017 is one of the most anticipated seasons yet, featuring top performing teams from across Europe and North America such as the recently crowned Unified Western champions, Cloud9 and Team Solomid (NA), as well as Unified Western runners-up G2 esports and Fnatic (EU).

The Vainglory8 Summer 2017 Season kicks off this weekend from June 24-25. Viewers can tune into the Vainglory Twitch channel, YouTube channel, or Facebook page to check out all of the action.
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