ESL produces one in every four hours of organizer esports content on

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Newzoo has released a report on the past ten months (August 2015 to May 2016), in which a total of 803.7 million hours of esports content have been watched only on the streaming platform of According to this data, ESL has had a share of 23%, only being topped by Riot Games.

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During the covered timespan, ESL has had multiple stadium events and enjoyed seeing fans from all over the world cheer for the cream of the crop in esports, no matter what games were played. ESL One Cologne 2015, ESL One New York 2015 or the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice have had thrilling events, both at the venues as well as on the streams.

Here are some outstanding numbers from the big ESL events during that period:

  • ESL One Cologne constituting the main bulk (29%) of the 110.5 million esports hours watched in August
  • ESL One New York contributed to a total of 123.8 million hours watched in October
  • Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, the industry’s most-watched esports event of all time, provided the majority share (20%) of the total of 94.8 million esports hours watched in March

In case you want to go even deeper into the data, go have a look on the Newzoo’s website.