ESL PUBG Masters Spring: Europe - Format and Capacity Changes

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Following feedback from Europe’s PUBG esports community we have reworked the format for ESL PUBG Masters: Spring. We have increased the amount of matches in the Last Chance phase from 6 to 10. The first 4 of which will be played on April 17 and the last 6 on April 18.

Next to the changes to the format of ESL PUBG Masters: Spring, there is also important information regarding the capacity of the tournament. We have 256 slots at this point for teams to enter. Teams will have to check in 2 days before the tournament and participants who end up not doing so will lose their registration. After the initial check-in we will open a late check-in to fill up the previously filled slots with additional teams which were unable to sign up before.

To clarify it means if you do not check-in on March 29  you lose your spot and will be removed, another team will be able to sign up and check in on March 30 and participate in the tournament starting March 31.

If you are looking to sign up you can do so via the following link:

We'd like to thank the community for your feedback and we will continue to listen moving forward. Thank you.