Exciting matches and thrilling upsets on day 1 of StarCraft II at IEM Gyeonggi

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Day one of StarCraft II at Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi just ended and it was full of surprising results and next-level quarterfinal draws. After just one day we had to say goodbye to half the player field and quite a few big names have already dropped out of the tournament. Take a look at the complete group stage results and the quarterfinal draw that followed.

Group A

Innovation 2-1 Stats
Losira 2-1 herO
Innovation 2-0 Losira
herO 1-2 Stats
Losira 1-2 Stats

Group B

Zest 1-2 Leenock
Trust 0-2 soO
Leenock 1-2 soO
Trust 2-1 Zest
Leenock 1-2 Trust

Group C

Dark 2-0 jjakji
ByuL 1-2 Classic
Dark 2-0 Classic
jjakji 0-2 ByuL
Classic 1-2 ByuL

Group D

ByuN 2-0 iAsonu
Maru 2-0 Solar
ByuN 1-2 Maru
iAsonu 2-1 Solar
ByuN 2-0 iAsonu


Kaelaris and FunKa already drew the quarterfinal matchups for the tomorrow and we’re gonna see quite a few amazing matches.

  • Dark vs ByuN
  • Trust vs Innovation
  • Stats vs Maru
  • ByuL vs soO

Apparently this is what happens when a favorite finishes second in his group!

The Intel Extreme Masters action resumes tomorrow at 10:00 KST. Don’t miss out on these amazing matches and be sure to follow IEM on Facebook and Twitter for highlights, results and the freshest memes.