Experience Znipe's quad-view streaming for free during the ESL One Cologne group stage

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ESL One Cologne 2016 kicks off next week with 16 top teams from around the world battling it out for the major championship and a share of the US$1.000.000 prize pool. LANXESS Arena will fill with thousands of roaring fans on July 8-10 but before that, we will have the group stage matches which will be closed to public.

Znipe is a personalized streaming solution which allows viewers to choose what they want to see with multiple streaming angles with up to a quadview and with 12 angles to choose from.

Znipe beta will be available for testing for free during the ESL One Cologne 2016 group stage from July 5-7. If you find the platform to you liking, you will be able to pay a fee to use Znipe during the playoffs.

Sign up for Znipe and get a free viewing experience during the group stage

For more information about ESL One Cologne, visit the event’s official website and follow ESL CS on Twitter and Facebook.