Favorites dominate in the first day of the Intel Extreme Masters CS:GO World Championship

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Yesterday saw the Intel Extreme Masters Counter-Strike: Global Offensive World Championship kick off in spectacular fashion, with the teams of Group A attempting to take their first steps towards towards the title and their share of the massive US$250,000 prize pool. However, who had what it takes to advance? Find out with our day one recap!

Group A

Yesterday saw the two big favorites of Group A reign supreme: Fnatic and Luminosity Gaming both only lost one match and underlined why they are among the best teams in the world. While Fnatic lost their only match to the Brazilians and had two very close wins over NiP and mousesports, Luminosity stood undefeated until their very last match against NiP.



Posted by ESL Counter-Strike on Wednesday, 2nd of March 2016

With these two fighting for the top, only one last spot remained for Ninjas in Pyjamas, mousesports, The MongolZ and Na’Vi to fight for. In the end it was Na’Vi who took the third and final spot to the playoffs by winning against the rest of the pack. This left NiP and mouz behind, who had close matches against the top two but didn’t score the all important third win of the day to catch up with two-time Intel Extreme Masters world champion Na’Vi.


  • Fnatic vs. Natus Vincere - 16-10
  • mousesports vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas - 16-8
  • Luminosity Gaming vs. Natus Vincere - 16-11
  • mousesports vs. The MongolZ - 16-7
  • Fnatic vs. Luminosity Gaming - 12-16
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. The MongolZ - 16-5
  • Fnatic vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas - 16-14
  • mousesports vs. Natus Vincere - 6-16
  • Luminosity Gaming vs. The MongolZ - 16-6
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Natus Vincere - 13-16
  • mousesports vs. Luminosity Gaming - 14-16
  • Fnatic vs. The MongolZ - 16-3
  • Natus Vincere vs. The MongolZ - 16-6
  • Luminosity Gaming vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas - 13-16
  • Fnatic vs. mousesports - 19-17

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Next up: who will conquer Group B?

After the excitement of Group A, the teams of Group B have a lot to live up to. Tune in here from 12:00 CET to find out who manages to come out on top of a group with local heroes, Team EnVyUs, Astralis and more!

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