Find all the global Go4 tournaments in one place on ESL Play

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The Go4 tournaments on ESL Play have been running for over twelve years now and have always been a big chance for up and coming players and teams to make a name for themselves and win some good prize money in the process. With a total of more than €1,000,000 in prize money paid out so far, there have been countless of current esports stars who won their first prize money in one of our Go4 series’. Now, as there are 34 tournaments on a weekly basis, it’s time to give all the Go4 tournaments one easy to navigate home on ESL.

Check out the new global Go4 hub on ESL Play

Aside from the big European and North American tournaments in the biggest esports titles, there are a variety of cups in smaller games and even more regional cups that offer you an open and free shot at prize money, as well as making it to the monthly finals. In the last year, over 225,000 players and 54,000 teams have seized their chance and competed in the Go4 tournaments.

So, whether you are looking for some tournament for your CS:GO, League of Legends or World of Tanks team, or looking for competitions in Rocket League, Project CARS, Hearthstone, FIFA 16, StarCraft II or Rainbow Six Siege, there are plenty of tournaments to compete in. Make sure to follow ESL Play on Twitter to not miss out new games being added or the next chance to show off your skills!