First four players qualify to the playoffs of IEM Shanghai!

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Today, July 22, our second IEM event of season 12 as well as our 34th StarCraft® event kicked off at ChinaJoy, Shanghai. We saw groups A and B play out and two players from each group advance to the playoffs. From group A, it was, as predicted, TY and Dark who bested their opponents while in group B, we saw some upsets as the local hero, iAsonu, advanced to the quarterfinals together with Rogue.


Group A

  • TY vs. PenguiN 2-0
  • Dark vs. Bunny 2-1
  • TY vs. Dark 2-0
  • PenguiN vs. Bunny 0-2
  • Dark vs. Bunny 2-1

The results of group A turned out almost as predicted in our group preview, with the only difference being TY finishing first and Dark second so no big surprises here!



Group B

  • Stats vs. iAsonu 2-1
  • GuMiHo vs. Rogue 1-2
  • Stats vs. Rogue 1-2
  • iAsonu vs. GuMiHo 2-0
  • Stats vs. iAsonu 1-2

Group B, on the other hand, brought one big surprise in the form of a local hero, iAsonu, who was expected to finish the group at last place. Instead, however, he took us by surprise and manage to clinch that second group spot defeating players theoretically better than him. The player we predicted to finish first, GuMiHo, ended up fourth in the group. Will we see more upsets tomorrow?


The action continues tomorrow!

Tomorrow, July 28, we will determine the remaining four players who will join TY, Dark, iAsonu and Rogue in the IEM Shanghai quarterfinals! All matches will be livestreamed over here starting from 4:00 AM CEST.

For more information about the event, be sure to visit the official website as well as follow IEM on Twitter and Facebook for all updates, highlights and more.