The first teams for the European Road to BlizzCon Championship in Prague are set!

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The qualification for the European Road to BlizzCon Championship in Prague is in full swing, with the first qualifiers having just kicked off. Teams from all over Europe have joined the competition in Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft, sharing the goal of making it to BlizzCon, one of the biggest gaming festivals in the world.

Last weekend, the first two qualifiers for the US$300,000 European Championship were determined, and as such we’d like to share the names of those teams who’ve already been able to secure their spots.

Heroes of the Storm

Three big organizations have secured themselves the chance to show their skills at BlizzCon, with all three qualifier survivors having a long and shining history in esports even before advancing to the next stage on the Road to BlizzCon.

As such, we’re happy to announce that we can look forward to seeing the following teams in Prague on 3rd and 4th of October:

World of Warcraft

Two of the top seeds from the first World of Warcraft qualifier were able to underline their ambitions to go to BlizzCon, with other high seeds such as Solari Gaming and balanced left in the dust.

The following World of Warcraft teams will be leaning back and waiting to see which other teams will be joining them from the second and third qualifiers:

Missed your chance? Two more are coming up!

Want to show your skills and prove that you’re one of the best Heroes of the Storm or World of Warcraft players around? Take part in the second round of qualifiers coming up on August the 15th for Heroes of the Storm and August the 16th for World of Warcraft - sign up with your team and join us on the Road to BlizzCon!