Five way tie for first in Week 5 of the North American Rainbow Six Pro League

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With Season 2 of the North American Rainbow Six Pro League winding down, the competition is still as fierce as ever. Games will be extremely cutthroat over the next two weeks for the Xbox One division because of a five way tie for first place. Over on PC, Orbit are leading the charge with four wins, but the race for second between VexX Gaming and Trinity Esports is still close.


The first match of the week was a clash between titans Denial Esports and Pick Your Poison. Oregon went the way of Denial 5-2 after they secured several rounds with well-executed vertical gameplay. Clubhouse was picked up by the Pick Your Poison squad also with a score of 5-2. Pick Your Poison had three clean executes on offense and closed out the series 1-1.

The second match of the day was between MYTH and Elevate. We headed back to Clubhouse for the first map where MYTH dominated Game 1 with a 5-1 victory. After the first stomping, eLevate seemed to break and MYTH took advantage with a 5-0 win on Border.

Offstream, a match between Team AGG and Strictly Business ended with a score of 1-1 and ReWritten defeated Excellence 2-0.

Take a look at the Week 5 standings of the North American Rainbow Six Pro League on Xbox One:


The first PC match of Week 5 was between VexX Gaming and Trinity Esports. Clubhouse was the first map and Trinity won four rounds in a row to win 5-3. Kanal was next and also went to Trinity, this time with a score of 5-2.

The second match of the night pitted Orbit Gaming against MiLSPEC Esports. It was fairly one-sided from the start although MiLSPEC showed signs of life on Kanal. Orbit took Kanal 5-3 and steamrolled Hereford Base 5-1. They were clearly the more organized team on a map that lends itself to heavy strategic play.

No offstream games were played due to the ongoing investigation of Electronic Gaming Evolution and other scheduling changes.

Here are the North American PC Rainbow Six Pro League standings after Week 5:

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