Flipsid3 Tactics continue their dominance while others draw even in the North American Rainbow Six Pro League

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With no Xbox One matches this week thanks to patch 4.2, the North American Rainbow Six Pro League was all about PC this week. With one match rescheduled, Orgless and Lunatik, we got to see how everyone else adjusted to the new meta. Four quick games showed that Flipsid3 did their homework and that Biggity Boo Bop has mastered Hereford Base.


The first match of the night was between Flipsid3 Tactics and MiLSPEC eSports. MiLSPEC picked Chalet. The first few rounds were traded back and forth before Flipsid3 opened up a three round lead at 4-1. After conceding Chalet, MiLSPEC opened up Kanal with an impressive 1v2 clutch to win the opening round. Unfortunately that is all they would get as Flipsid3 went on to win five straight rounds to take home Kanal as well.

The other match played on stream this week was Biggity Boo Bop vs. Ferocity Esports. Ferocity made the large mistake of leaving Hereford Base in the map pool and Biggity Boo Bop took advantage. A 5-0 trouncing made sure that no team will let Biggity Boo Bop play that map again this season. Ferocity’s map pick went better for them as they selected Chalet and lead nearly the whole way through. Apart from a small hiccup in the mid game that put Biggity up 3-2 it looked much better than Game 1. Ferocity won the last three rounds and finished off the final game of the night earning themselves one Pro League point.

Offstream, Addiction and Eanix tied their match 1-1.

Here are the standings after three weeks of play for the North American Rainbow Six Pro League on PC:

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