Fnatic take home the ESL ESEA CS:GO Pro League Season 1 title!

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After three days of ESL ESEA Pro League finals, the first placed teams in the European and North American divisions - Fnatic and Cloud9 respectively - met in the grand final to see which region would lay claim the first season’s trophy. Both teams came a long way to get to this match, having already secured US$60,000. However, the lion’s share, another US$40,000 on top of that, belonged to the tournament winner alone.

The better end for the Europeans

In a breathtakingly strong series, Cloud9 stoked the already high hopes for an American success even further when they won Cobblestone, pulling in front of Fnatic 16-14. On Cache Fnatic were fast in, crushing the Americans’ dream and equalizing the series with a convincing 16-6.

The next two maps saw the Swedes on the edge, but keeping control. While Overpass was won 16-14, it took them the overtime to win the fourth and last map of this grand final. 19-15 was the final scoreline before the Swedes got to lift the trophy that they worked so hard for.

Cloud9 nonetheless underlined the fact that they are willing and able to compete with the top teams in Europe, and it will be interesting to see them potentially return in August for ESL One Cologne.

Watch the grand final and all of the ESL ESEA Pro League final matches:

We’d like to thank all the players for giving us such thrilling games as well as all the fans watching at home for their support!

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