Four days, nine winners - recapping the PUBG Gamescom Invitational

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For four days straight more than 80 invited streamers, content creators and open qualifier winners wrestled for control of the final circles at the PUBG Gamescom Invitational. After incredibly close competitions in the solos, duos, FPP duos and squads, nine players had the honor of lifting the golden pans for their teams and getting the lion’s share of the $350,000 prize pool.

Check out how each competition went down!

TPP Solo

In the third-person solos, we got to see a variety of strategies from the players, each one successful in its own right. From 11 kill rounds by BreaK to survival outside the zone by Evermore and consistent top placements by Hayz, the first competition had it all. At the end, it would be the clutch healing outside the zone by Evermore that would secure him the trophy, while at the same time inspiring many attending teams with this unique survival strategy.

Placement Player Team
1st Evermore Team 4entro
2nd BreaK TSM
3rd Hayz Team Liquid

TPP Duos

Our first chance to watch some teamplay in action was on day two with the third-person duos. It was also the first tournament to include teams from the open qualifiers and they would make an immediate impact. Thanks to an incredibly strong showing, including a win on map #2, open qualifier players THZ and Yukie crowned their trip to gamescom with a win, while it took tiebreakers to separate Cloud9 and Team Bosphorus from each other. Tied with the exact same game and kill score, the placement in the final match was the deciding factor, allowing Sweaterr and Borg to end the day with two silver pans.

Placement Players Team
1st THZ & Yukie Suisse my Baguette
2nd Sweaterr & Borg Cloud9
3rd Ferit & Mithrainn Team Bosphorus

FPP Duos

One of the most anticipated portions of the tournament were the first-person perspective duos and they did not disappoint. Again, we got to see a team from the open qualifiers show up in style and for the second time in a row Cloud9 secured themselves a finish in the top three. But the quite possibly most remarkable performance was brought to you by 4ndypyro, who went on a tear as the last survivor of his team in game three, which catapulted them to a surprise third place finish.

Placement Players Team
1st Chappie & SOLIDFPS Cloud9
2nd Avnqr & Ponyrider Copenhagen Flames
3rd Forsen & 4ndypyro Team Never Lucky

TPP Squads

Rounding out the tournament was the one competition all teams trained for - the squad battles. In an absolute nailbiter, Luminosity and Tier 3 Gaming were separated by a mere four points after two rounds and it would all come down to the decisive last game. Absolute insanity awaited us in game three, with 72 out of 76 players surviving all the way to the fourth circle before the mayhem broke loose. With many top leaderboard teams dropping out early, there was to way to be sure who won, until the final leaderboard revealed Luminosity as the winners of the final competition, rewarding them with $80,000.

Placement Team
1st Luminosity
2nd Tier 3 Gaming
3rd Noble

The esports future is looking bright for PUBG and we can’t wait to find out what future competitions will have in store for us. So be sure to follow ESLPUBG on both Twitter and Facebook to receive the latest tournament news, highlight clips and of course all the dank memes your heart desires.