Four teams stand out halfway through the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League

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We are just over the halfway mark in this season of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League and while it has been arguably the most competitive season ever, four teams have separated themselves from the pack. These teams have shown that they can perform at the highest level this season and have been winning consistently enough that it is likely they will remain the top four teams into the finals.


Currently with a huge lead in the division, Apex has been nearly unstoppable this season. There is only one team that can come close to beating them and that is Eclipse. Apex’s record in games so far this season is 61-10, which is already impressive on its own. Consider that seven of Apex’s ten losses have come from Eclipse, which means that only three losses have come from the rest of the league. Apex is playing insane right now and no one is sure if anyone can stop them outside of Eclipse.

Apex have been steadily growing the past couple seasons in term of their skill. Two seasons ago, when they were still Noble, they had a rough playoff run after leading the season in points and were stuck in the third/fourth place match. Last season, they were once again leading the season standings going into the playoffs. This time they did not disappoint and they narrowly beat Eclipse in the finals to win their first championship.

For Season II, they made a few roster changes to increase their overall skill by bringing on Oxmathus, Wallhacks, and Brett from Eclipse onto Apex. These additions have excelled on Apex as both ox and Brett lead the team in fantasy points and Wallhacks, or Wally, has been heralded by his teammates as an excellent caller. The European teams will have someone to worry about come the Grand Finals and we have every reason to expect that they continue to improve.


Eclipse have had an interesting season so far because of a few inconsistencies. They started a bit unknown after their 3-5 loss to Apex, which is still better than any other team has done this season. After their loss to Apex, Eclipse had a rough streak where they barely won a few games they were expected to win handily against Aquatic M60s and Top Tier while getting blown out 1-5 by Dare Rising, formerly Deja Vu.

Since their rough streak earlier in the season, Eclipse have been dominant though. They demolished o7, Valence, and Rival while not letting any of the teams win more than a single game against them. Then, they went up 4-2 over Apex before ending up losing the match in overtime 4-5. They are the only team to win more than a single game in a match against Apex.

With their acquisitions of PhotoFinish, Exo, and NonickNoskill this season, Eclipse had some quirks to work out in their lineup. Now that they seemed to have figured it out the past few weeks, everyone should be treating them as Apex’s equal. The key for Eclipse is going to be maintaining their consistency. If they can consistently shut down teams with no flukes, they will be a force to be reckoned with and even Apex should be afraid of them in the playoffs.


Another veteran team in the league, Aquatic M60s, has been performing very well so far this season. They had a rough start with a loss to Top Tier and then losing to Apex, Eclipse, and o7. They did take Eclipse to overtime though which is a nice feat even if they ended up losing the game.

Since they lost four out of their first five games, Aquatic M60s have come alive winning their last four games including a 5-3 upset over Dare Rising! Their next games will be difficult as they play Apex and then Eclipse but if they can pick up some points against either of these teams they should be able to maintain third place.

It should be noted that Aquatic M60s were in third place last season as well before they lost to o7 Gaming in the playoffs and missed out on their trip to the Season Finals in Burbank. However, last season they were known for their ability to take every match into overtime and they have been finishing matches off cleanly lately which leads people to believe that they are the real deal this season. Be sure and keep an eye on this team the next few weeks as they have serious potential and it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to challenge Eclipse or Apex in the playoffs.


Dare has had an incredibly up and down season so far. They started off on top of the world after winning four out of their first five matches including beating Eclipse 5-1. Their only loss came in an overtime match against o7 gaming. In the last four weeks, Dare has hit a wall. They lost three out of their last four games with losses against Aquatic M60s, Apex, and Top Tier.

They are team with potential as they showed earlier in the season. No one doubts that Dare has enough talent that they can compete with teams like Apex and Eclipse as they have showed that they can perform on that level in flashes. The problem is in their consistency as they have been dropping matches lately against teams like Aquatic M60s and Top Tier, which is not how you stay on top of the standings.

Dare, as Deja Vu last season, finished in third place after the finals in Burbank were all over. There is no reason that they can’t repeat such a performance, but they will be a team to watch the next few weeks because of their last few losses. If they continue to lose, I could see them being replaced in the finals by o7 Gaming who have also showed flashes of brilliance this season, but have been going through an eerily similar slump the past few weeks. If Dare can return to winning form, they have shown they can take it to the best teams out there.


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