Fresh blood in week one of the North America Mortal Kombat X Pro League

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Judy Heflin
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We saw some intense matchups during the first live broadcast of the ESL MKX Pro League Season 3, with five players who are new to the Pro League battling it out against three veterans. Week one introduced new talent that may have a chance at taking down the reigning champion, SonicFox, who dominated the night with a clean sweep.

The match of the week was Zwei vs. Vendetta, two newcomers to the Pro League who pushed their match to the only fifth round of the night.

Zwei ultimately took the match, only to be defeated in a semifinal round against Jupiter.

SonicFox quickly closed out the seventh match of the day, dominating Jupiter in a 3-0 sweep and maintaining his legacy, becoming the victor of week one. This last clip of SonicFox taking out Jupiter pretty much sums up the action.

Stay tuned as more new players emerge through the Open Cups and don’t miss next week’s broadcast on Wednesday, April 13 at 5:00PM PDT!

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