"Games have always been a part of my life": Meet IEM Katowice performer August Wilhelmson

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We love Music. And we love Games! That's why we want to find and support artists that can give you the perfect for your gaming experience. Artists that give you all the chills, all the feels and all the HYPE! This time we introduce August Wilhelmsson.

Hello August, who are you and where do you come from?

I’m a composer and Artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Started playing piano at a young age and producing came short after. In 2011 I started making music professionally for different content creators. Like television, movies and commercials.

Describe your music with three attributes.

Cinematic, immersive and poetic.

Tell us about your connection to the gaming scene.

Games have always been a part of my life. Although I’ve never been a “gamer”, I’ve enjoyed countless hours watching playthroughs on Youtube. Sometimes my own music comes on and that’s always surprising. Creators had licensed my older music to use, and it struck me how perfect the fit was. So now doing it together with Enter Records for real feels like a full circle.

What was your first game, what’s the latest & what’s your lonely-island-game?

My first game was Need For Speed 2, loved it. The latest is Red Dead Redemption 2 and my lonely-island-game would probably be SimCity.

August Wilhelmsson Feat. Menke - NOW. Available everywhere. Click here to listen.

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