"Gaming started with Pokémon for me": meet IEM Katowice soundtrack artist Axollo

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We love Music. And we love Games! That's why we want to find and support artists that can give you the perfect sound for your gaming experience. Artists that give you all the chills, all the feels and all the HYPE!  This time we introduce Axollo.

Who are you and where do you come from?

Hey, I am Tijn de Boer! Born and raised in Zoetermeer, I’m 18 years old and I have been producing music under ‘’Axollo’' since 2015. I have released several tracks on NoCopyrightSounds, Spinnin’ Records, Sony Music, Universal Music and many more! Did official remixes for artists like Alan Walker and Mike Williams which did really great.

How would you describe your music?

Those three would be: catchy, bouncy and groovy! I had played piano for 8 years when I was younger so I’m good with melodies and chord progressions. I try to make them as meaningful and catchy as possible. I also like to put nice jazzy chords in my tracks as well, as I’m getting tired of the 4-chord formula...

Tell us about your connection to the gaming scene.

I have released two tracks on NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) which is known as the source of video- music and has been providing free-to-use music for youtube editors. Late 2018, when I heard ESL was going to start a new label for musicians to get heard, I immediately sent my demos. Enter Records loved my track ‘’Versailles’’ and decided to release it on their label!

What was your first game?

I have been addicted to playing video-games since I was 5 and got my first Game-Boy. I got this crazy race-game with it which I didn’t understand and forgot the name of but I liked it. Didn’t take too long until I got myself a copy of Pokémon Leaf Green. That was where it all started for me. I keep going back to that game.

What are you currently playing?

Nowadays, I play a lot of FIFA and Rocket League and I used to play a lot of CS:GO. Also have been playing a lot of Fortnite in 2018!

What’s coming up next for you?

We’re working on a Remix EP right now, we’re hoping to get a lot of support from content creators so that’s why we made it free to use for creators, streamers and gamers all over the world! Also a lot of originals in the making so stay tuned!

Axollo - Versailles. Now available everywhere. Remix EP coming soon. Click here to listen.

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